Demo In English V 3.1

Kidsmouse: An Intuitive and Engaging Educational Software for Babies Kidsmouse is a remarkable educational software designed specifically for babies. With its intuitive movement-based learning approach, children can effortlessly grasp concepts such as letters, numbers, shapes, and colors through interactive games.

Text Twist 2

Freeware In English V 1

Text Twist 2: Create Unique Text Messages and Boost Writing Skills Looking for a fun and creative way to spice up your text messaging? Look no further than Text Twist 2, a powerful application designed for Windows Phone users. With Text Twist 2, you can easily craft unique and engaging text messages from any app on your phone.

Smoke Attack 2

Freeware In English V

Looking to install Smoke Attack 2.0 on your PC? It's a simple process that can save you hours of gaming time! To get started, download and install Cueni's software from their website. Follow the on-screen instructions for a hassle-free installation. Once successfully installed, launch the program.


Demo In English V 2.4

GCompris: A High-Quality Educational Software Package for Children | GCompris Discover the endless possibilities of interactive learning with GCompris! Designed for children aged two to ten years old, GCompris is an exceptional educational software package that offers a wide range of engaging games and activities.


Demo In English V 1.0

Discover the endless possibilities of Tropix, a versatile software utility exclusively designed for seamless integration with the Microsoft Windows operating system. Created by James Turner (anianbion), this innovative tool offers a range of features that enhance your computer experience, including online gaming, web browsing, and even creative endeavors with Adobe Photoshop.

Open Hexagon

Freeware In English V 1.1

Introducing Open Hexagon: A Unique and Color-Correctible Hexagonal Marching Ant Technique Marching Instrument Open Hexagon, developed by Vittorio Romeo, is an innovative and fully-articulated hexagonal marching ant technique marching instrument. This software allows users to assemble hexagon shapes on removable peg bases, enabling easy manipulation in various directions, including up, down, left, or right.

Robot A.I Maker

Demo In English V 1

Introducing the Robot A.I Maker by Mattel – the cutting-edge artificial intelligence software program designed to empower you in constructing your very own Robot A.I. in just minutes, without the hassle of complex software training. This revolutionary release stands as the most advanced AI software available globally.


Freeware In English V 2.1.0

Introducing Phun, the innovative web-based browser developed by Solaris Media operating on the Java platform. With its unique feature of "renting" a virtual machine, users can experience a fully functional copy of the browser within the internet environment.

Timez Attack

Freeware In English V 2.0.2

Timez Attack is an exciting online educational game designed to help kids rapidly memorize and master their multiplication tables. With its dynamic third-person adventure gameplay and captivating animation, the game immerses students in an enchanting virtual world alongside a charming green dinosaur hero.


Freeware In English V 2.0.2

TuxKart: An Open-Source Math Game for Kids | Download for Free Looking for a fun and educational game to help your young children learn math? Look no further than TuxKart, an open-source arcade-style game designed for kids of all ages. Developed by the award-winning Tux4Kids, TuxKart has become a popular choice among parents and educators for its engaging and interactive approach to teaching math.


Demo In English V w3.28

Windows Scramble: The Ultimate Word Scramble and Decryption Software Windows Scramble is not your ordinary encryption tool - it's also a powerful decryption software. Unlike other programs that only encrypt a portion of your message, Windows Scramble secures the entire message, including unsaved content that has been meticulously scrambled.

SR 3D Builder

Freeware In English V

SR 3D Builder: Create LEGO models with ease on your computer. Design, manage, and explore an array of minifigs and 3D models. Build cars, planes, robots, and more! With its precise 3D images, this all-inclusive software is ideal for experimenting and refining your LEGO creations.

Icarus Proudbottom Teaches Typing Collection

Freeware In English V 4.0

The Icarus Proudbottom Collection: Improve Your Typing Skills with Fun Typing Games for Windows Looking to enhance your typing abilities while having a blast? Look no further than the free Icarus Proudbottom Collection of typing games for Windows. This collection brings together six games that offer various approaches to learning how to type, all while providing immense variety to keep things interesting.

Brickshooter Egypt

Demo In English V 1.0

Discover the captivating world of Ancient Egypt and unravel the mysteries of hieroglyphics with Brickshooter Egypt. This immensely enjoyable and addictive puzzle game offers an exciting adventure that will engage and challenge players of all ages. Developed by the acclaimed team at Crave Entertainment, Brickshooter Egypt features two distinct game modes to keep you hooked: the main Classic mode and the thrilling Scavenger Hunt mode.

Baldis Basics in Education and Learning

Freeware In English V 1.4.3

Discover the world of super-charged Windows Mobile Applications with "Windows on Mobile" by Bill Gray, renowned instructor from "The Great Courses." This comprehensive guide unveils the simplicity of developing Windows Mobile applications and running them on your Windows Phone.

All The Right Type

Demo In English V 3

All The Right Type: Your Complete Guide to Improving Typing Skills Looking to enhance your computer keyboard skills? Look no further than All The Right Type, the ultimate typing instruction guide designed for PC users. Developed by the esteemed Bill Gates Inc.

Sebran's ABC

Freeware In English V 1.49

Sebran's ABC: The Ultimate Online Puzzle Game | Free Download Looking for a unique and engaging online puzzle game? Look no further than Sebran's ABC. With its captivating storyline and challenging gameplay, this game is a must-try for puzzle enthusiasts of all ages.

Multiplication Game

Freeware In English V 1.1

Multiplication Game: The Ultimate Tool for Scrabble Players Looking to improve your Scrabble game? Look no further! Multiplication Game is the perfect product for Scrabble enthusiasts, offering a range of game variations such as 'licted pawn', 'damage taken to one's base', and 'base moved' to challenge and sharpen your skills.

Big City Adventures - Sydney

Demo In English V

Big City Adventures - Sydney is an exciting and entertaining downloadable game for Windows, developed by Jollybear. This adventure game falls under the popular genre of PC games and offers a unique twist compared to other similar games. In this game, players must embark on a thrilling mission to save the adorable Bear, aptly named Jollybear, from the clutches of the notorious Griswold Family.

Smart Educational Games

Demo In English V 1.1

Smart Educational Games is a series of educational games designed by Crazysoft to enhance learning for elementary users. These free games provide an enjoyable and educational experience for kids, helping them understand science, math, and spelling concepts.