Backgammon Deluxe

Shareware In English V 2.1

Backgammon is one of the oldest two-player strategy games in the world. Play a traditional game of backgammon on your computer. It uses different boards and different color background options, for a customizable game.

MahJongg Solitaire

Shareware In English V 2.1

Combines the best of the ancient game of mah jongg tiles with solitaire to form a new exciting game. Play different mahjongg solitaire games. Different mah jongg tiles to choose from, or create your own unique tiles with this game.

Strategist Checkers

Shareware In English V 2.1

Play a traditional game of checkers against a computer opponent, or play against another human player. It has multiple levels for both the beginning and more experienced player. Uses AFC rules for checkers.

Mahjong In Poculis

Freeware In English V 5.64

Mahjong In Poculis is a free Windows Mahjong game coming with 300 layouts and 6 themes. This Mahjong game, developed with simplicity in mind, is a great memory challenger that is able to offer you 150 hours of fun.

Blobs Peg Solitaire

Freeware In English V 2.052

The object of the game here is simple ... as you jump Blobs over each other, the Blob that you jumped disappears. To complete a level and advance, just end up with only 1 Blob left on the board. Further details available on the Blobs product page.


Shareware In English V 2.5

The iXO is collection of classic and non-classic board games as chess, checkers, shashki , international checkers, gomoku, renju, pente, othello, ataxx, barrier, sudoku, shogi, entropy, LOA, 3 Musketeers, xiangqi (Chinese chess) and more


Freeware In English V 8.9.1

Gomoku (five in a row) game which has a skinnable board and many external artificial intelligences from Russia, China, Hungary, Czech Republic and USA. The board size and time limits are customizable.

Clever Mines

Freeware In English V 4.1

Looking for mines on triangular or square fields. You needn't have luck. The computer will help you at the moments when numbers don't give enough information to make a reasonable move. If you choose hard level, you must not guess otherwise you die.

SA Chess

Shareware In English V 1.5

The strong Xiangqi(Chinese Chess) Software, Strong strength as grandmaster; Great move in middle phase, very smart in complicated situation; Support up to 64 CPU cores;support local and cloud openbook

Yahtzee PC

Freeware In English V 4.31

Yahtzee With Buddies is a computerized rendition of the great dice amusement that gives you a chance to appreciate this straightforward and addictive diversion straight from your Android gadget.


Freeware In English V 1.2

The game Overboard was the Czechoslovak board game from 1984. It was one of the modification of Alex Randolphs original model (Overboard, 1978). There are some differences in the last row, for example in captains or rules.

AS Mahjongg Solitaire

Freeware In English V 0.2

Mahjongg board game with 8 designs. Hint, Undo, Restart. Highscore

AS Peg Solitaire

Freeware In English V 1.2

Solitaire board game with 190 levels and 6 designs for the pegs. Highscore for each level.

Boachsoft Dammen

Demo In English V 2019

Boachsoft Dammen is the most thrilling and challenging version of the popular board game known as draughts, checkers, and dammen in many places. The easiest version makes novices comfortable, while the most difficult version makes experts better.

Backgammon Classic Pro

Shareware In English V 8.4

This pro backgammon version is designed for skilled players. It has many playing options, an intuitive and easy to use interface, including a game position editor. Play it and you can find out your real rating and have more fun.

Chess Tournaments (Windows setup)

Freeware In English V 2.0

This is a chess program to help you to organize any chess tournaments without using real chess rules, go to the support page of this program. The support page also has more information about this program. This program creates a Data folder to save

Chess Tournaments

Freeware In English V 2.0

This is a chess program to help you to organize any chess tournaments without using real chess rules, go to the support page of this program. The support page also has more information about this program.


Freeware In English V 2.09

Freeware-Chess: Simple use, opening database, protocol, hints, cancel moves, swap chessmen, setting chessmen, save-load in PGN, provide FEN, languages: English, German, French, small and portable, no adware, no spyware, no advertising

Chess PDF Browser

Freeware In English V 1.20

Application to browse for chess books in PDF format. * Extract games from the PDF. * Extraction of game tags from PDF * Editing the tree variants. * Supports PGN. * Uci chess engine support * OCR * Multi-platform. * Java-8. * Multi-language. * Zoom


Demo In English V Here & Now Edition

Monopoly is an old risk and reward video game. In order to win, you must lay the most amount of properties as possible and purchase properties with the money you have obtained from the bank. You will then become the owner of the property and can eith