Vista Stock Icons icon

Vista Stock Icons

Freeware In English V 1.1

Discover the possibilities of enhancing the visual appeal of your digital projects with Vista Stock Icons. At, you will find detailed information on a wide range of collections, helping you make informed decisions based on your specific needs.

IconShock icon


Freeware In English V 2.0

Icon Shock is a comprehensive and ever-expanding collection of stock icons, featuring nearly 1.2 million high-quality icons. With new additions being made on a weekly basis, this library ensures that you have access to a wide variety of icons to suit your specific project needs.

Icon Library icon

Icon Library

Freeware In English V 2.0

Icon Library is not just a supplement to Icon Shock, it is a comprehensive resource for designers and anyone interested in icons. With over a million small graphics categorized into 302 sets, this site offers much more than just a blog. It is a hub for icon-related news, interviews with designers, design tutorials, and a treasure trove of free resources.

Custom Icon Design icon

Custom Icon Design

Freeware In English V 2.0

Elevate your Linux software with stunning, SEO-optimized custom icons from Boost discoverability, enhance user experience, and stand out in the crowd. Visit today and unlock your software's full potential!

Volumetric Social Media Icons icon

Volumetric Social Media Icons

Freeware In English V 1.0

Volumetric Social Media Icons is a comprehensive collection of forty meticulously designed icons that have been specifically created for use in your software or web design projects. Featuring icons for a wide range of popular social networks and various other digital channels, this free set is perfect for enhancing the visual appeal and functionality of your applications and websites.

Navigation Icon Set icon

Navigation Icon Set

Demo In English V 2.7

Navigation Icon Set is a comprehensive collection of 118 stunning stock icons that are perfect for use in both commercial and personal projects. Whether you are creating software applications, designing websites, managing blogs, or creating engaging presentations, this icon set is sure to enhance your products and captivate your audience.

Word Icon Library icon

Word Icon Library

Demo In English V 3.8

Word Icon Library: Enhance Your Web and Software Interfaces with Professional-Quality Icons Word Icon Library is a comprehensive collection of top-notch, royalty-free stock icons designed to enhance the visual appeal and functionality of both commercial and personal products.

Accounting Toolbar Icons icon

Accounting Toolbar Icons

Demo In English V 2015.1

Infuse your Linux accounting app with 150+ stunning icons! Currencies, transactions, reports, & more. Royalty-free, instant preview, perfect for any budget. Download now!

3D Printing Icons icon

3D Printing Icons

Shareware In English V 2015.1

Elevate your 3D printing projects and presentations with unique, professional icons. Easy integration, search engine friendly, and optimized for all resolutions. Download 65+ royalty-free icons for just $99!

Icon Craft icon

Icon Craft

Shareware In English V 4.65

Icon Craft is a powerful and versatile software that caters to the needs of professional and amateur artists. This application allows users to design and edit a wide range of graphics used in the software development cycle, including icons, static and animated cursors, and other interface elements.

Business Bonus Icon Collection icon

Business Bonus Icon Collection

Shareware In English V 2.0

Boost your Windows app's visual appeal and usability with Grafile Icons' Business Bonus Collection 2.0. Modern icons, seamless integration, and multi-platform compatibility – level up your design game!

Bonus Icon Collection icon

Bonus Icon Collection

Shareware In English V 2.0

Boost your visual appeal with Bonus Icon Collection 2.0! This comprehensive set offers sleek, modern icons for Windows & Mac, catering to various needs like Business, Core, Databases, File Folders, and System functions. Craft stunning UIs with ease thanks to flexible formats and wide compatibility. Download now and unlock design magic

Medical Bonus Icon Collection icon

Medical Bonus Icon Collection

Shareware In English V 2.0

Medical Bonus Icon Collection - Professional Next-Generation Icons for Windows and Mac Upgrade your Windows smart client user experience with the Grafile Icons' Medical Bonus Icon Collection. This comprehensive icon pack is designed to seamlessly integrate with your designs and graphic tools, providing a sleek and modern interface for your applications.

Core Bonus Icon Collection icon

Core Bonus Icon Collection

Shareware In English V 2.0

The Core Bonus Icon Collection by Grafile Icons is a comprehensive set of next-generation icons designed for developers and designers. These icons can be easily integrated into Windows and Mac operating systems, as well as Windows Phone 10, iOS 4-9, and Android 5-6 mobile platforms.

Official Signs Icons Bonus Collection icon

Official Signs Icons Bonus Collection

Shareware In English V 2.0

The Official Signs Icons Bonus Collection is a comprehensive set of icons that includes all Official Signs Icon collections. With Grafile Icons, developers and designers can create a visually appealing user experience for Windows smart client applications.

Renewal Icon Collection icon

Renewal Icon Collection

Shareware In English V 2.0

Grafile Icons: Next-Generation Icons for Windows, Mac, and Mobile Platforms Enhance the user experience of your Windows smart client applications with Grafile Icons. Our collection of professional next-generation icons offers developers and designers the ability to create visually stunning interfaces, menus, ribbon bars, and toolbars.

Subscription Icon Collection icon

Subscription Icon Collection

Shareware In English V 2.0

Product Overview Grafile Icons: Build Rich Windows Smart Client User Experience Grafile Icons offers developers and designers an opportunity to elevate their Windows smart client user experience. With a unified programming model, this collection provides a wide range of professional next-generation icons for interface, menus, ribbon bars, and toolbars.

Misty Iconverter icon

Misty Iconverter

Freeware In English V 2.0

Introducing Misty Iconverter: Create Icons from Your Digital Pictures Misty Iconverter is a handy and user-friendly application that allows you to effortlessly create icons from your digital pictures. With this tool, you can convert JPG or PNG images into ICO format files, which are recognized by Windows as the default for application icons.

Windows 7 extended stock icons icon

Windows 7 extended stock icons

Demo In English V 1.0

Enhance the visual richness of your Windows 7 operating system with a comprehensive collection of extended stock icons. Designed to elevate the aesthetic appeal of Microsoft's latest OS, this icon set offers a staggering 3576 top-quality icons in

Travel Icon Set icon

Travel Icon Set

Demo In English V 3.70

The Travel Icon Set is a collection of high-quality, professional icons and graphics designed to enhance the usability and appearance of user interfaces. With a wide range of icons including Earth maps, globes, online contacts, rental cars, insurance