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    VLC Player MSI Installer icon

    VLC Player MSI Installer

    Freeware In English V 3.0.11

    VLC Player MSI Installer: A Guide to Silent Mass Installation When it comes to distributing software on a large scale, there are several options available. Among them, Group Policy and Configuration Manager are widely used systems that can make use of MSI installers to seamlessly deploy software across multiple devices on a corporate network.

    KMPlayer icon


    Freeware In English V 2023.7.26.17

    KMPlayer is a free media player that can be downloaded on Windows devices. It supports a wide range of file formats, including MKV, OGM, AAC, MP3, DVD, and more. With KMPlayer, users can enjoy high-definition videos in 4K, 8K, 3D, and UHD. Adding subtitles to movies and shows is a simple process.

    Power DVD Player icon

    Power DVD Player

    Freeware In English V

    Power DVD Player is a feature-rich media and DVD player that is specifically designed for Windows 10. With its sleek and attractive interface, it offers a seamless and enjoyable media playback experience. Supporting over 150 video and audio formats,

    Jetpack Escape icon

    Jetpack Escape

    Adware In English V 1.0

    Jetpack Escape: Experience an unforgettable adventure in this exhilarating HTML5 game! Embark on a daring mission, escaping from a mysterious underground laboratory teeming with extraterrestrial creatures and treacherous obstacles. With a powerful jetpack strapped to your back, tap the screen to soar higher, defying gravity and ascending to incredible heights.

    MAPS.ME for Android icon

    MAPS.ME for Android

    Adware In English V 8.3.6-Google

    Discover the best offline maps with turn-by-turn navigation that have become the go-to choice for over 50 million travelers worldwide. These maps are not only free, but also fast and incredibly detailed, giving you a reliable solution wherever your adventures take you.

    Minicraft: Kawaii Craft World icon

    Minicraft: Kawaii Craft World

    Adware In English V 1.0.1

    Discover the delightful world of Kawaii Craft World, a free building game where you can unleash your creativity and craft adorable items and blocks. Immerse yourself in the charm of Kawaii, the Japanese concept of cuteness and tininess, as you build your own tiny world filled with cute crafts.

    Vista Stock Icons icon

    Vista Stock Icons

    Commercial In English V 1.1

    Are you looking to enhance the user interfaces of your programs or improve the visual appeal of your websites or online publications? Look no further than Vista Stock Icons! With this affordable and versatile icon collection, you can achieve professional results without the need for costly graphic designers.

    OptiVec for Linux GCC / CLang icon

    OptiVec for Linux GCC / CLang

    Commercial In English V 8.0.1

    OptiVec: Boost Performance with Optimized Functions for Math, Statistics, and More OptiVec is a powerful software package that provides more than 3500 meticulously crafted, Assembler-written functions. Designed to optimize performance, these functions cover a wide range of data types in the fields of floating-point and integer calculations.

    Notebox icon


    Commercial In English V 1.2

    Introducing NoteBox: The Ultimate Note-Taking Solution for Zaurus Looking for the perfect platform to take notes on your Zaurus device? Look no further than NoteBox. With its compact size and attached keyboard, the Zaurus is ideal for taking notes,


    Member Site Plugin icon

    Member Site Plugin

    Data Only In English V 2.0.3

    Maximize Your Membership Site's Potential with CBWP Member Plugin Easily set up your membership site in minutes with CBWP Member, the ultimate WordPress plugin. Effortlessly automate the Clickbank integration with just a few simple steps. Even if it's your first time installing such a plugin, you'll be up and running in no time – most users can complete the process in under 10 minutes! Unlock the power of multiple sites with CBWP Member's cost-

    British Bingo icon

    British Bingo

    Freeware In English V 1.52

    Play a Free and Easy 90-Ball Bingo Game | No Download Required | Chat with Other Players | Join and Rejoin Games | Adjustable Speed and Game Sizes Experience the thrill of a classic game of 90-ball bingo right in your browser with our free and easy-to-play online game.

    AnyGantt JS Gantt Charts icon

    AnyGantt JS Gantt Charts

    Shareware In English V 8.7.0

    AnyGantt JS Gantt Charts Library: Advanced JavaScript-based Data Visualization Solution Looking for a powerful data visualization solution? Look no further than AnyGantt JS Gantt Charts library. This advanced JavaScript-based tool allows you to create stunning HTML5 Gantt charts with animation and interactivity.

    AnyChart JS Charts and Dashboards icon

    AnyChart JS Charts and Dashboards

    Shareware In English V 8.7.0

    Introducing AnyChart: A Superfast JavaScript Charting Library Unlock the power of interactive HTML5 charts with AnyChart, the robust and lightning-fast JavaScript charting library. Whether you're building a website, a business intelligence application (BI), or software for your clients, AnyChart offers advanced customization and flexibility.

    AnyStock Stock and Financial JS Charts icon

    AnyStock Stock and Financial JS Charts

    Shareware In English V 8.7.0

    AnyChart Stock and Financial JS Charts (AnyStock) is a powerful JavaScript library that allows you to create stunning and interactive financial and stock charts on the web. With AnyStock, you can effortlessly transform real-time data into sophisticated charts that provide a comprehensive visualization of your financial data.

    Reservo Image Hosting Script icon

    Reservo Image Hosting Script

    Shareware In English V 1.8

    Introducing Reservo, an advanced Image Hosting Script designed for effortless uploading, organizing, and sharing of digital images. Whether you're a professional photographer or an agency, Reservo offers a powerful platform to showcase your work. With the added advantage of SAAS mode, you can even monetize your platform by offering paid upgrades to users.

    Keyword Grouper Pro icon

    Keyword Grouper Pro

    Freeware In English V 1.35

    Keyword Grouper Pro is a powerful tool designed to streamline keyword analysis and optimization. It allows you to easily group keywords into relevant clusters, saving you time and effort. By simply pasting your list of keywords into the tool, it analyzes each keyword against the others and generates tight keyword groups based on your personalized settings.

    Flowplayer html5 scrubber preview plugin icon

    Flowplayer html5 scrubber preview plugin

    Shareware In English V 1.0.1

    Introducing the Flowplayer Scrubber Preview Frames Plugin, an innovative tool that enhances user experience by generating on-the-fly images when hovering over the player's seekbar. Say goodbye to the hassle of pre-generating images in advance. This plugin dynamically downloads and decodes key frames from an mp4 file, extracting metadata and efficiently displaying corresponding frames based on the scrubber's timing.

    Time line thumbnails plugin Flowplayer icon

    Time line thumbnails plugin Flowplayer

    Shareware In English V 1.0.1

    The Time Line Thumbnails Plugin for Flowplayer Flash is a powerful tool that generates and displays preview images on the seek bar of your player. Unlike other plugins, you don't have to manually prepare and store thumbnails. This plugin takes care of it by extracting and decoding key frames from your H264 mp4 videos.

    AVG  Antivirus Business Edition icon

    AVG Antivirus Business Edition

    Freeware In English V 1.0

    Protect your business against cyber threats with AVG Antivirus Business Edition. This powerful software is designed to safeguard your PCs, servers, and mobile devices from ransomware, malware, hackers, and more. With optimized protection for physical, virtual, and mobile endpoints, AVG Antivirus Business Edition offers small and medium-sized businesses a strong defense against the ever-growing threat of cyberattacks.

    Asana icon


    Demo In English V 1.0

    Asana: The Ultimate Project Management Solution for Seamless Team Collaboration Asana is a powerful project management software designed to enhance team communication and collaboration on projects and tasks. With Asana, teams can easily create projects and tasks, add team members, and share files, enabling seamless collaboration and productivity.

    Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud icon

    Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud

    Freeware In English V 1.0

    Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud: Powerful Cloud-Based IT Security for Small and Medium Businesses Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud is an advanced cloud-based IT security solution designed specifically for small and medium businesses. Offering industry-leading protection, this ready-to-use console enables businesses to quickly and easily safeguard their devices from an expanding range of cyberthreats.

    Container Loading Calculator icon

    Container Loading Calculator

    Shareware In English V 4.10

    Container Loading Calculator: Efficient Load Planning Application Container Loading Calculator is a smart and user-friendly load planning application designed to streamline the process of optimizing container loads. With this application, you can easily insert a list of items or import them from an Excel file.

    College GPA Calculator icon

    College GPA Calculator

    Freeware In English V 1.0

    Calculate Your College, High School, Cumulative, and Weighted GPA with GPA Calculator. Keeping track of your academic performance is crucial, and calculating your Grade Point Average (GPA) helps you do just that. Whether you're in college or high school, our GPA Calculator makes it easy for anyone to determine their average grade.

    AnyTrans - File Transfer icon

    AnyTrans - File Transfer

    Freeware In English V 1.0.0

    Introducing AnyTrans (File Transfer): Free and Easy File Transfer App Looking for a convenient way to transfer files wirelessly between your Android devices, iPhone, iPad, and computer? Look no further than AnyTrans (File Transfer). This free web app allows you to effortlessly transfer photos, music, videos, and documents without the need for any program installations, system restrictions, or pesky USB cables.

    InnoPlanner icon


    Shareware In English V 1.01

    InnoPlanner: Affordable Online Interior Design Tool for Professionals Looking for an affordable alternative to expensive desktop kitchen and bath design software? Introducing InnoPlanner, the online professional interior design tool that is revolutionizing the market.

    Toolwagon icon


    Freeware In English V 1.0.3

    ToolWagon: The Lightweight Web Browser for Online Gaming Enthusiasts Are you a passionate gamer who loves spending your free time playing browser-based games? Look no further than ToolWagon, the specialized web browser designed to optimize your gaming experience and help you progress effortlessly with the assistance of bots, both pre-existing and user-created. icon

    Freeware In English V 2.1

    Our online document conversion service allows users to easily and efficiently convert documents from one format to another. Whether you need to convert a Doc to Pdf, Docx to Pdf, Pdf to Word, Ebook to Pdf, or even split or merge Pdf documents, our free service has you covered.

    GorillaPDF icon


    Freeware In English V 5.0.4

    GorillaPDF: The Ultimate Online PDF Platform with 16 Free Tools GorillaPDF is a versatile online PDF platform that offers a wide range of tools to convert various file formats to PDFs. With the ability to convert files such as .txt, .jpg, .doc, .docx, .

    Fasty icon


    Freeware In English V 6.1

    Introducing our cutting-edge machine learning tool designed to significantly enhance load speed with minimal effort. With our Intelligent Prefetching technology, you can boost website performance without the need for any cumbersome changes to your page's design, content, or infrastructure.