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War Chess: The Most Challenging and Addictive Free Online Game War Chess has quickly become one of the most captivating and irresistible games worldwide. What sets it apart is its availability as a free online game, making it accessible to all. Its ease of learning and strategizing is another aspect that draws in countless players. Moreover, the game comes in multiple versions, catering to diverse preferences. For the ultimate challenge, try the Windows version of War Chess. Unveiling a unique flair, the game features distinct colors for different sets of game pieces. For a remarkable gaming experience, indulge in the timeless yet comprehensive PC and Mac versions. Additionally, the recently released Windows version is completely free of charge. Multiple editions of the older version are also available, free for PCs of various colors. One exciting aspect of the Windows version is the ability to play on squares of different colors. This sought-after feature delights numerous players. Initially, the computer game only offered black and white squares. However, with the Windows edition, you can customize the color of your squares, adding a personal touch to your game board. For an exhilarating challenge, download the free Windows version, allowing you to compete against the computer. Embark on an adventurous journey with War Chess, a game that promises hours of amusement. Experience the thrill of strategic gameplay and unlock your potential in a virtual battlefield. With its various versions and customizable elements, War Chess ensures endless entertainment for players of all skill levels.
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Title: War Chess for Windows
Requirements: Windows 98
Available languages: English
License: Demo
Date added: Friday, June 28th 2019
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Company Name : Doublegames
Company WebSite :
Contact Name: Doublegames
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