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    Day D Tower Rush HTML5

    Freeware In English V 1.1

    Embark on an immersive gaming experience with 'Day D Tower Rush' by PlayToMax. This captivating HTML5 Tower Defence mobile game brings together historical creatures and modern technology in a thrilling strategy adventure. Construct and enhance towers, engage in intense battles against dinosaurs and monsters, and accumulate valuable points to ensure survival.

    I'm InTouch

    Shareware In English V 9.3

    Introducing a game-changing solution for businesses - I'm InTouch - a revolutionary platform that allows you to effortlessly administer all your business PCs from a single webpage. With just a click of a button, you can remotely control any of your workstations, provide employees with remote access, and manage all your company's computers with ease.

    Icon Library

    Freeware In English V 2.0

    Icon Library is not just a supplement to Icon Shock, it is a comprehensive resource for designers and anyone interested in icons. With over a million small graphics categorized into 302 sets, this site offers much more than just a blog. It is a hub for icon-related news, interviews with designers, design tutorials, and a treasure trove of free resources.

    Jade Diabetes

    Shareware In English V 2.6

    Insulin Dose Calculation with Jade: Simplifying Diabetes Management Insulin Dose Calculation with Jade is an innovative tool designed to make managing diabetes easier and more predictable. Specifically developed for individuals with Type 1 diabetes and those using insulin, Jade offers a range of features that simplify blood glucose management and insulin dosing.

    No Dining Curves for iOS

    Freeware In English V 2.1.3

    No Dining Curves: Find Local Restaurants with Health Inspection Grades and Customer Ratings No Dining Curves is a convenient mobile app that allows users to search for and discover local restaurants in their area. With a comprehensive database of restaurant reviews, graded from A to F based on both health inspections and customer ratings, No Dining Curves ensures that diners have all the necessary information to make an informed decision.

    Zeerk - Micro Jobs and Freelance Service

    Freeware In English V 2.2

    Find jobs you love on Zeerk, the world's largest marketplace for micro job services. Zeerk's mobile app for iOS devices brings convenience to your fingertips, allowing you to browse over a million services starting at just $5, no matter where you are.

    Strike Solitaire HTML5

    Freeware In English V 1.1

    Strike Solitaire is a captivating game that brings together the excitement of bowling and the addictiveness of solitaire. With its unique gameplay and thrilling challenges, it guarantees a fun and engaging experience for all players. Transport yourself to a virtual bowling green where the cards are hidden face down, resembling bowling pins.

    Accounting Toolbar Icons

    Demo In English V 2015.1

    Infuse your Linux accounting app with 150+ stunning icons! Currencies, transactions, reports, & more. Royalty-free, instant preview, perfect for any budget. Download now!

    Treasures of Montezuma HTML5

    Freeware In English V 1.1

    Dive into the captivating world of the highly acclaimed game, "Treasures of Montezuma 2," now available in an optimized HTML5 version that allows you to fully immerse yourself in the mysterious match-3 gameplay right from your mobile device. This exciting and adventurous cross-platform puzzle game offers a multitude of gameplay opportunities, with a variety of levels and challenges to keep you engaged.


    Freeware In English V 1.5

    Experience the thrill of augmented reality on your smartphone with Youmask! This groundbreaking app allows you to apply live filters to your face and the faces of your friends in real time as you use the camera on your phone. Whether you're having a party or just hanging out, Youmask is guaranteed to bring pure fun to any gathering! Transform your smartphone into a mystical mirror with Youmask! Watch in awe as your reflection transforms into a l

    UnionCam for IOS

    Shareware In English V 1.1

    UnionCam IOS is a powerful and versatile software designed specifically for video surveillance purposes. With the ability to support and manage up to 16 cameras simultaneously, this ip camera software offers exceptional coverage for enhanced security.


    Freeware In English V 1.2.0

    Calculate the physical values and prices of bar materials for mechanical production with our handy calculator. Get quick results by selecting the material type and defining the dimensions. Our calculator will provide you with the volume, surface area, and price of the material.


    Freeware In English V 2.1

    Explore the Fascinating Concept of Evolution in Darwinism - An Addictive Match3 Game! Have you ever pondered upon the mysteries surrounding the origins of life on our planet? Have you wondered what it would feel like to have the power of a creator? If these questions intrigue you, then Darwinism is the online game you've been waiting for! Immerse yourself in a thrilling match3 puzzle experience, where the aim is to create an evolutionary chain -

    Darwinism 2048

    Freeware In English V 1.0

    Darwinism 2048 is a captivating game that draws inspiration from the popular 2048-like games. With its extensive range of challenges, this game promises to keep players engaged and eager to conquer each obstacle that comes their way. However, what sets Darwinism 2048 apart from other games is the unique twist it offers – the opportunity to delve into the secrets of generations and explore the concept of evolution.

    3D Printing Icons

    Shareware In English V 2015.1

    Elevate your 3D printing projects and presentations with unique, professional icons. Easy integration, search engine friendly, and optimized for all resolutions. Download 65+ royalty-free icons for just $99!

    SuperPie Free HTML5 Pie Chart Library

    Freeware In English V 1.3

    SuperPie is a powerful HTML5 pie chart library that simplifies the process of adding visually appealing and interactive pie charts to your website. No complicated software installations are required, as SuperPie is designed to optimize your web pages for search engine optimization (SEO).

    TeamDrive for Windows

    Freeware In English V

    Introducing TeamDrive: Your Secure and Easy Cloud Synchronization Solution In today's digital age, the importance of data security and seamless file sharing cannot be overstated. With TeamDrive, you can sync and share your files effortlessly and securely, ensuring your peace of mind.

    Asian Riddles HTML5

    Freeware In English V 1.2

    The 'Asian Riddles' game caters to individuals who have an affinity for the oriental atmosphere and those who have yet to delve into the world of Asian riddles and puzzles. The gameplay revolves around encrypted images accompanied by numbers placed to the left of the lines and above the columns.

    Android Data Recovery for Mac

    Shareware In English V 5.3.0

    FonePaw Android Data Recovery (Mac) is a powerful application designed to cater to the data recovery needs of Android users using a Mac. With its user-friendly interface, anyone can easily recover deleted SMS, contacts, call logs, WhatsApp messages, photos, videos, music, and documents from Android phones, tablets, or external SD cards.


    Freeware In English V 2.0

    Icon Shock is a comprehensive and ever-expanding collection of stock icons, featuring nearly 1.2 million high-quality icons. With new additions being made on a weekly basis, this library ensures that you have access to a wide variety of icons to suit your specific project needs.