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Shareware In English V 12.7.10

Introducing Integrity Plus, the ultimate website link checker and optimization tool. With its extensive range of features and advanced engine, Integrity Plus goes above and beyond its predecessor to ensure that all your website links are in top-notch condition. One of the standout features of Integrity Plus is its ability to efficiently manage multiple sites simultaneously. You can effortlessly keep track of each website, tailoring individual settings to meet their specific needs. This level of customization gives you complete control over your online presence. Finding specific information within your data has never been easier. With search boxes and filter buttons, you can effortlessly search and filter your data based on specific criteria. You can even export your data for further analysis or sharing purposes. But that's not all. Integrity Plus also offers the capability to generate an XML sitemap that can be submitted to various search engines. By doing so, it significantly improves your website's visibility online, ultimately boosting your search engine rankings. You can also export this sitemap in other formats, providing you with the flexibility to adapt to different requirements. Integrity Plus doesn't stop at managing links and data. It also includes valuable SEO checks to ensure your website adheres to recommended practices, enhancing its search engine performance. Additionally, the spell-checking feature helps maintain the professionalism and credibility of your content, eliminating any potential errors or typos. With Integrity Plus, you have the power to establish rules for priority and change frequency. This allows you to fine-tune your website's behavior and optimize it for search engines. If desired, you can even manually edit these settings according to your specific needs. Experience the transformative benefits of Integrity Plus and ensure that your website remains in the best possible shape. Try it now and elevate your online presence to new heights.
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Title: Integrity Pro for OS X
Requirements: MacOS 10.14 or higher
Available languages: English
License: Shareware
Date added: Friday, June 28th 2019
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Company Name : PeacockMedia
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Contact Name: Shiela
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