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Shareware In English V 4.0.2

Juggling a million tasks on your Mac? Feeling overwhelmed by scattered schedules and unmanaged resources? Introducing Connect Daily, the ultimate web calendar designed to bring order to your Mac and website.

Beyond a Pretty Calendar:

Connect Daily isn't just about dates and pretty displays. It's a powerhouse scheduling tool that seamlessly integrates with your Mac and website, delivering a robust set of features to organize your life like never before.

Go Mobile, Stay Connected:

Access your calendar anytime, anywhere with Connect Daily's mobile device view. Manage events, check schedules, and stay on top of things, all from your smartphone or tablet.

Website Harmony:

Whether you use WordPress or any other platform, Connect Daily's intuitive plugin makes integration a breeze. Enjoy a beautiful calendar that complements your website's look and feel while adding powerful scheduling functionality.

Flexibility is Key:

Connect Daily is designed for diverse needs. Schedule resources like vehicles, equipment, classrooms, or sports fields with ease. Manage corporate events, training sessions, community gatherings, and more – the possibilities are endless.

Tailor Your Experience:

With Connect Daily, you're not stuck with a cookie-cutter calendar. Customize everything from colors and fonts to page headers and footers. Make it your own and reflect your brand identity.

Resource Management Made Simple:

Say goodbye to double-booking! Connect Daily's conflict checking and approval workflows ensure resources are used efficiently. Gantt charts offer a clear visual overview, making facility management a breeze.

Data on Your Terms:

Import and export data effortlessly with iCal, CSV, and RSS 2.0 XML support. Seamlessly integrate with other systems and keep your data flowing freely.

Recurring Events: No Sweat:

From weekly meetings to monthly workshops, Connect Daily handles it all. Advanced recurrence support lets you schedule complex events with ease, even recurring on every other Thursday or the last weekday of the month.

Stay Organized, Together:

Combine multiple calendars into one with Connect Daily's composite calendar feature. Simplify event viewing and keep your team organized. User and group-level security features ensure sensitive information stays protected.

Time Zone Travelers Rejoice:

No more confusion between time zones! Connect Daily automatically adjusts to your local time zone, keeping everyone on the same page.

Speed Demon:

Experience lightning-fast performance with Connect Daily's optimized web pages. No more waiting for sluggish calendars – just pure scheduling efficiency.

Connect Daily Web Calendar icon
Title: Connect Daily Web Calendar for Linux
Requirements: Java Virtual Machine
Available languages: English, French, German
License: Shareware
Date added: Friday, June 28th 2019
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Company Name : MH Software, Inc.
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Contact Name: George
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