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Shareware In English V 5.0

Micro Solitaire is an updated version of the classic Klondike solitaire game that has been optimized for a seamless user experience. With its new graphics, vibrant animations, and visually appealing deck design, Micro Solitaire delivers a captivating gaming experience that is both engaging and visually stunning. The objective of Micro Solitaire remains unchanged - players must build up the four suit stacks in ascending order, using all the cards in the deck. With each successfully completed stack, players are one step closer to victory. The game rewards players based on their card movements and the time they spend playing, providing a competitive element that keeps players motivated to achieve higher scores. This latest release of Micro Solitaire encompasses a multitude of exciting features that enhance gameplay and offer a comprehensive gaming experience. For those in need of a little guidance, the game includes a helpful hints feature that provides players with strategic suggestions to assist them in making the best moves. If players prefer a more hands-off experience, the auto-play feature allows the game to automatically complete moves, eliminating the need for manual intervention. To add an extra layer of excitement, Micro Solitaire comes equipped with a statistics feature that tracks players' performance and provides valuable insights into their gameplay patterns and progress. Additionally, players have the option to post their scores, allowing them to compete with friends or other players worldwide. Micro Solitaire also introduces a new solitaire variant called "Thoughtful." In this variant, all cards are dealt face up, offering players a fresh and challenging twist on the traditional game. The "Thoughtful" variant requires players to think strategically and plan their moves carefully, adding a new level of complexity and excitement to the gameplay. Furthermore, Micro Solitaire offers players the choice to play with a deck of big cards, enhancing visibility for those who may have difficulty distinguishing smaller card designs. This inclusion ensures that players of all ages and abilities can fully enjoy the game without any limitations. In addition to its exciting features and updated gameplay, Micro Solitaire has been meticulously optimized for Windows 8 and tablet devices. The game seamlessly adapts to various screen sizes and resolutions, providing an immersive gaming experience regardless of the device being used. Micro Solitaire is the perfect choice for solitaire enthusiasts and casual gamers alike. Its visually appealing graphics, captivating animations, and user-friendly interface make it an enjoyable and addictive game for players of all skill levels. Whether you are a seasoned solitaire player or new to the game, Micro Solitaire offers an engaging and immersive experience that is sure to keep you entertained for hours on end. So why wait? Dive into the world of Micro Solitaire, explore its exciting features, and embark on a solitaire adventure like never before. Enjoy the game, have fun, and get ready to immerse yourself in the ultimate solitaire experience with Micro Solitaire.
Micro SOLITAIRE icon
Title: Micro SOLITAIRE for Windows
Requirements: 2Ghz processor, fast graphic card
Available languages: English
License: Shareware
Date added: Friday, June 28th 2019
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Company Name : Microsys Com Ltd.
Company WebSite : http://www.microsys.ro
Contact Name: Microsys
Contact Email: micro@microsys.ro

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